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We are going off to the weekend event at the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Creek State Park.

Love this place. The tactical scenarios are free form, designed for skirmishing lights and rifles. It is a working farm which is also much with the awesome, and it has some terrific heritage free range livestock. I will be bringing my camera and hope to get some shots of the place and the livestock.

The downside is the weather forecast. 50% chance of rain. Which does mean a 50% chance that it won't rain. But my rifle is SO fussy that even without actual rain, if the humidity is way up? Forget it.

Which brings me to the GOOD NEWS. At the Fort Frederick Market Fair I scored. Big. Bought a Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine at a blanket sale for $500. Which is pretty much thievery on my part. But the guy wanted cash and we were able to dicker him down. It is a 4 digit serial number carbine which puts it back in the USA Bicentennial era (1970's). It fires like a dream and is in beautiful condition. There will be pictures.

Date: 2011-05-14 08:58 pm (UTC)
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I. Am. Officially. Jealous.

Want pics... please?

(Have paperwork in hand to renew my own shotgun licence... I wants to be able to fire Babsy this year, I does.)


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