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Jun. 9th, 2011 10:26 pm
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Sooo here are the promised pics of my new toy. As you can see, she needs some work.

I know very little about my Bette. As state previously, I bought her at < href="">Olde Factory Antiques & Crafts in Hummelstown, PA for $125 (she had been $200 and that makes me lol). The previous owner bought her at an auction in Mt. Joy, PA about seven years ago. Bette had been standing in the antique store for the last two years.

She looks a lot like the Ashford Elizabeth 2 model but with some notable differences.

There was no maker's mark that I could see, and she's got some beautifully turned legs, maidens, and distaff. I cannot decide if she is a contemporary kit or a genuine museum piece. Somebody painted her over with this fugly brown paint even tho she was stained and varnished a very pretty pale brown already. I suspect someone had already coated her with linseed oil back when she was first built. The brown paint is badly crazed and poorly applied, even over the reeds on the distaff. WHO DOES THIS?! OMG. I WILL REACH BACK IN TIME AND SLAP THEM!!!1!


Anyway. Debating whether or not to try to strip the paint. Thinking I may just let it go for now. She has no nails anywhere, except to hold up her treadle, and those look like replacements from the 20th century. The footman is fastened to the treadle with an ancient strip of leather that isn't rawhide. The hooks on the flyer look like they could be brass. I'll have to clean them better. I also want to take some Barkeeper's Friend to the drive wheel/footman hook. It's pretty rusty. She's joined exclusively with wood pegs, which made me blink when I discovered this. Also, the maidens have little tabs of leather to hold up the flyer. I do not know if this is common in spinning wheels. If anyone would like to enlighten me, plz to be sharing.

In relation to the fugly!paint gripe, I cannot figure out how to get the bobbin off the flyer. It looks like some idiot either glued the drive wheel fast, or the paint stuck it in place. I don't know. Nothing a little turpentine/Goo Gone won't cure, BUT STILL.

So yeah, there she is all polished up and assembled.
I can take more pictures if anyone wants to try to give their (not-so) professional opinion.
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