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Women in Reenacting:the18th & 19th centuries

That Monstrous Regimen(t) of Women

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Name:Women in Reenacting: the 18th and 19th centuries
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This community is for women who reenact the 18th and 19th centuries (essentially the black powder era), for women who would like to get started, find out more about it, or just schmooze with those that do. It's about living history and telling the stories of women in their various roles throughout the black powder and age of sail eras.

All are welcome whether you are in the ranks or on the distaff side. Military or civilian. A sutler, a costumer, a dancer, or just someone who wants to watch from the sidelines. All countries, all wars. We don't take sides. At least not here. XD

Note: The name w_i_r was chosen specifically because it has a loaded meaning in the realm of 18th century Am Rev War reenacting. Within that part of reenacting the initials stand for Women in the Ranks. It is generally hauled out and thrown about in a less than complimentary fashion by gentlemen who feel we have no place in the story regardless of the historic evidence that shows we. were. there. So I've taken the label and made it my own.

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american civil war, american revolutionary war, artillery, blackpowder, campfollower, distaff, historic clothing, living history, musket, napoleonic war, open hearth cooking, reenacting, rifle, sutler
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