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Colonial Plantation photos.

Mostly the rifle companies. Wonderful site. Weather could have been a bit more cooperative but we were able to get in the tacticals/skirmishing before the sky opened up.
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Reenacting Brimmed Hat
The Packet II by Mark Tully

US 5 - 3.75 mm
0.75 skeins = 165.0 yards (150.9m)

Knitted for the pesky husband.

This pattern must have been written by someone who does not knit a lot or is just beginning or thought this was the best way to do it.

The pattern calls for seaming and picking up stitches and hemming which are just not necessary. I did the hat in the round and also eliminated a lot of the unnecessary steps to get to the finish line.

That being said, what is very right with this hat are the proportions in the pattern. Came out just as it should. Perfect crown height and brim depth.

With US 5 needles, I had a gauge of 5 st/inch with worsted weight. Cast on 90 stitches. (Pattern calls for 6 st/inch with sport weight and a cast on of 130 stitches.)


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Pics of the last weekend at Ingles Ferry.

As the photographer, I didn't really get any of myself. This is probably just as well as my cold weather outfit needs HELP.

Also, I think I may have killed my French bodice. --;
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This is a great photostream by a local photographer who shot the Brandywine Creek reenactment.

DW Moran Photography

If you page through far enough there is a photo of the interior of a British general officer's tent. I should live so good! XD

What was also great about this reenactment, speaking of Redcoats, is that we had some real ones make the trip -- Am Rev War reenactors from England! They do the 55th Regt. of Foot.
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This? Was one of the hottest field events I've attended. 92F plus 50% humidity on Saturday. Killer heat.

There were half a dozen that passed out on the field from the heat. That I know of. Really scary stuff. Truthfully? The public be damned and the site be damned. I don't care if they want their entertainment. There really should be a cutoff when the temps get this high. I guess the counter argument is that people need to know their own limits and not push past them, but that doesn't always work due to various sources of peer pressure, etc.

Be that as it may. The event happened.

We spent the day hauling big ass field guns up and down the field. The biggest problem? The damn cavalry. They dart about all over the place and you really have to make sure they see the signal that the gun is hot. Plus of course, ROAD APPLES EVERYWHERE. God.

Also? Spruce beer takes like Pinesol. :P

photos this way ... and no, not of the road apples )
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American Revolution Photos is the website of a local photographer who does just AMAZING work. Well worth a look.

The albums he has posted pretty much cover the range of events I might attend in any given year so it also gives you some of the flavor and the look of the type of stuff I do.

A lot of these event -- Ft. Mercer, Ft. Mifflin, Brandywine, Germantown, Trenton, Iron Hill -- are coming up in the next months.


The bulk of our campaign season here in the Mid-Atlantic USA is in the autumn and early winter because that is historically when the Philadelphia Campaign took place.


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(Mainly of me in kit, but hey.)

Thumbnails are clickable. I've put the majority below a cut because I ended up putting in a ton of pics!

Photobucket Photobucket
This is me with my new Marine hat - the company had made a mistake with the plume and I hadn't yet sorted it out when this was taken. I'm doing a Marine impression in my 50th uniform, but unless you know, I can get away with it. I don't do Marines often enough to have to worry.
More pics below )
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