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You know the reenacting season is starting here on the East Coast of the US when it's time for Fort Frederick's Market Fair. This is THE shopping event of the season. It is held on the site of a restored French & Indian War (aka the Seven Years War) fortress. So many sutlers that they have to hand out a map and everyone is organized into streets. The site itself is in Maryland, west of Baltimore

Fort Frederick Market Fair

It is worth checking the sutler list on the website because many of the sutlers have links to their websites.
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Some of the suppliers I've used in the past (mostly American!)

Jas Townsend and Son Warning: This site is addictive - you will want to buy EVERYTHING. They're very good with their delivery times and stuff, too.

G Gedney Godwin Not quite as extensive a collection as Jas Townsend, but still interesting. I've not actually bought anything from them, so I don't know what they're like with deliveries, problems etc.

Patterns and fabrics suppliers:

Kannick's Korner Easy-to-follow patterns for a wide variety of things

Patterns of Time If they haven't got it... it probably isn't worth having!

Wm Booth, Draper A decent selection of period fabrics

Period Fabric Again, a decent selection, though the website isn't completely up to date.

Ticking If you're like me and need ticking, this looks like a good place to get it - they have it in a variety of different colours, too. A little pricey, though.


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